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By Steiner

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corporate and business security servicesCatching shoplifters is easy

In three simple steps you can learn exactly how to detect and stop people stealing from your store. Now you can learn more than most security guards or security companies ever train their retail security guards.

Most shoplifters are incompetent and can be easily detected and stopped by a staff member that knows what to look for. Instead of trying to follow the rough looking person or some other stereotype you have been told are thieves follow these simple patterns of theft and you will suddenly find yourself reducing a large percentage of your thefts without needing security guards.

Shoplifters scan people

Because they are not going to pay they hardly ever look at the price tags and spend more time looking at people in the store. They will often be looking elsewhere while they rest their hand on the item they are going to steal. This is because it is easier to move it off the rack while pretending to look elsewhere and see if you notice.

Dead spots in your store

These are the areas that very few customers ever use because it contains old products or areas where staff don’t go often. Security guards know that this is where thieves go to remove stickers or security tags. In the morning you need to make sure that all old security and price tags are cleaned up from here so you can track exactly when and how much gets stolen each day. This way you can identify the thief.

They bring their own bags

Thieves bring their own shopping bags to place the items in which they have lined with several alfoil layers to stop the security alarms activating. These bags are known as ‘buffer bags’. It is easy to detect them because the bags a quite large and have dark patterns over the bag. The bags appear quite stiff with old well worn creases across the bags as the get used quite a lot. In fact some of the bags are from stores that might not even be in your area.

You can reduce this type of theft by offering new bags to replace their old worn out bags. If you believe that a buffer bag is being used then the staff can walk past while they are tidying up the store and glance into the bag to see if other stores items are inside and price tags might still be attached.


Shoplifters that steal often from stores have learnt to protect themselves by having another person assist them in the act. One way that the associate helps them is by distracting the security guard or staff member by asking constant questions and keeping you focused on looking in a particular area of the store. They will ask detailed questions about the product and its functions so that you think there is a sale opportunity. When replying to these questions always turn to face the potential offender by looking past the distracting associate. If the associate keeps trying to turn you away from that direction, they are trying to steal something.

The other way associates help offenders is by waiting outside the store with a good view of the malls or street so that they can see security of police coming to the store in response to a patrol or phone call. The associate has a SMS message ready to go that warns the offender to leave the store without the items.

Security guards should always take note of people waiting around the front of stores when they are attending a store’s call for help.

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