What is Mission for Me?

Missionfor.me is the first Seventh-day Adventist crowdfunding website enabling people to realize their missionary dreams. This website is designed to connect action-minded people with financially supportive people.

Gloria is a student an Adventist college. She would like to go on a missionary trip to the deep jungle of the Amazon, and share the message about Jesus. She has a plan to hire a translator so that she can preach to the people of the Amazon. For this trip, she needs money. She needs to fundraise this money with the help of friends and family, and even possibly other Adventists who are interested in providing her with this opportunity.

This is where missionfor.me comes in. Gloria is now able to create a project profile and share her plans through a social network so that anyone, anywhere can find out about her project and support her.
Missionfor.me is the place where people with ideas and people with means can converge and make something special happen.

Any motivated person can create a vision and post  it on Missionfor.me, and there can be any kind of project developed.
The goal of missionfor.me is to directly support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and thereby all projects are under the church’s supervision. The difference between general crowdfunding systems and missionfor.me is that missionfor.me is church orientated, and supports only projects that fall directly in line with the Seventh-day Adventist church mission.
Another unique attribute of missionfor.me, as compared with many other Seventh-day Adventist websites, is the interaction opportunity.

Missionfor.me allows the project’s developer to create an extensive profile and portfolio of their project. They can provide up-to-date pictures and videos, respond to comments, and in general can be quite collaborative with those who are interested in their project. This interaction encourages a relationship between the developer and their sponsor.

Missionfor.me allows the sponsor to play an active role in the project, as the sponsor can follow the project from its creation to its completion. In addition, the sponsor can receive tangible rewards for their donations.
Missionfor.me is a platform where Christ-centered adventures can begin!

More information and the first projects coming soon. Stay tuned!